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Event Organizers Sell Up To 20% More Tickets With Universe's Easy To Use Ticketing Platform.

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Sell More Tickets To Your Events

We help event organizers sell more tickets by engaging their audience, boosting word-of-mouth and better managing events. Our tools are easy-to-use and great for both small and large events.

Sell Tickets Anywhere

Create your own event page and customize it. Or, embed ticket sales directly on your website (or any website, blog, even Facebook) – with no redirect to Universe.

Process Payments

Secure and easy online credit card processing, no merchant account needed. Zero setup, monthly or hidden fees.

Social Data Tools

Turn attendees into advocates. Give incentives for people to tweet your tickets link, post it to FB, or share it on Google+.

Advanced Ticketing

Multiple ticket types, customizable checkout, email marketing, coupons, tracking links, analytics, reports, and much more.

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Promote Your Events With Social Media

  • Use our free tools to for e-mail and social media marketing campaigns.
  • Track conversions and use deep social analytics to reach the right audience.
  • Connect with your biggest fans and find even more!

Embed Ticket Sales

Have a website or blog? Sell tickets directly, with no redirect. 

Don't have a website? Craft your own event page and start selling right away or sell directly on your Facebook page.

We Value Our Customers and Earn Their Repeat Business

"Powerful features, ease of set up and great customer support makes us come back to Universe for all our events. It helps me focus on other aspects of running an awesome event."

Suresh Doss

Food writer and event organizer

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And see why event organizers choose Universe.

At-the-door Ticket Manager App

With our free app you can check-in attendees, sell tickets directly at the door, manage attendees and track your sales in real-time.

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Jeremie Abessira

European Film Festival

"Universe is one of those tools that every event organizer should be using. It makes selling tickets and managing attendees very easy, while saving time and money."

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